Journey beyond the stars;
Nex’s Shopping Service

Hi all, while I’m in Japan I will be offering a shopping service of sorts. If there’s things you want, that can be difficult to get, I may be able to get them for you.

For all the info, please look at the page here.

Just a reminder that this will likely only be accepted for friends/mutual followers, but you are free to ask regardless. (I may be more lenient if it’s small things or not many people ask)


The most beautiful cat cafe I have been to. It’s called Temari no Ouchi (Temari’s house) in Tokyo, Japan. The soft music and ambience feels like you are in a Studio Ghibli film. Had to take the Japan Railway there, but was totally worth the extra trip, & unlike the central Tokyo cat cafes, this one has no time limit, so feels totally relaxed. Several girls were even sleeping there amongst the cats.


If you go to Iwami Station, you can pick up a free guide map that shows you all the places that the anime took place in! You can also ride the train and keep the ticket as a nice memory too.

If you open these pictures in a new tab or window, you can see them in full-view!

I think I found somewhere nice to stay! It’s not a hotel, but like a host family/apartment. It seems really nice and the cost is quite low.

Not to mention it’s in a nice suburb!!! Ahhhh.

Going to keep looking, but it makes me feel happy to know such things are reasonably easy to find >w<

Hello everyone!

Just letting you know this blog will become active once again in October!

A new adventure awaits!

Welp! I’ve uploaded all the photos now, and I don’t have anything outstanding that I can recall, so this tumblr will be on “hiatus” from now until my next trip.

I will still be around to answer any questions or comments anyone has, but I won’t really be posting anything (in terms of photos etc).

ナノ 「Color my world.」, Zepp Diver City

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya x King of System, Ikebukuro

Wrapped Crepes, Ikebukuro