Journey beyond the stars;


If you go to Iwami Station, you can pick up a free guide map that shows you all the places that the anime took place in! You can also ride the train and keep the ticket as a nice memory too.

If you open these pictures in a new tab or window, you can see them in full-view!

I think I found somewhere nice to stay! It’s not a hotel, but like a host family/apartment. It seems really nice and the cost is quite low.

Not to mention it’s in a nice suburb!!! Ahhhh.

Going to keep looking, but it makes me feel happy to know such things are reasonably easy to find >w<

Hello everyone!

Just letting you know this blog will become active once again in October!

A new adventure awaits!

Welp! I’ve uploaded all the photos now, and I don’t have anything outstanding that I can recall, so this tumblr will be on “hiatus” from now until my next trip.

I will still be around to answer any questions or comments anyone has, but I won’t really be posting anything (in terms of photos etc).

ナノ 「Color my world.」, Zepp Diver City

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya x King of System, Ikebukuro

Wrapped Crepes, Ikebukuro

Kagerou Project Cutouts, Animate, Ikebukuro

Kagerou Project x King of System, Ikebukuro

I got Ene’s drink and from the lucky draw I got a Kano coaster (which is kept safely in my room!)